Wireless Reception Analysis

Automated Packaging Systems Co-op

May 2016 - August 2016

As a co-op at Automated Packaging Systems I worked with the New Product Development Team.

Skills Developed:

  • Android OS
  • Python Scripting
  • Test Engineering
  • Firmware Development (ARM using IAR)
  • Source Control (Git, Jenkins)
  • Industrial Automation
  • Prototyping
  • PCB Layout with EAGLE

Aclara Product Performance Engineering Internship

May 2015 - August 2015

While working at Aclara I performed system analyses on the Star infrastructure pre and post system upgrades, I worked to model and solve tier three customer technical problems, and I worked with a team of engineers to develop new testing tools and procedures.

Skills Developed:

  • Performance Data Mapping with Google Earth
  • Large Data Analysis using Excel Spreadsheets
  • Product Testing
  • System modeling and troubleshooting
  • Embedded System Development with MSP430 microcontroller
  • Soldering


  • AMSC (Tx/Rx Reception Tester) - Developed a modified Meter Transmission Unit (MTU) user endpoint to perform automated ping reception testing at various power levels and angular positions. I made PCB hardware modifications and firmware modifications on a TI MSP430 microcontroller. I designed the test procedure and defined the RF communication protocol for test commands including handshake protocols. I used a geared stepper motor controlled by the existing microcontroller to rotate the test unit to get a full reception profile. This required the addition of a larger battery and stepper motor driver. I optimized the AMSC to be low power, easy to use wirelessly, compact enough to fit in utility pits, and provide consistent, reliable results.
  • GEMM (Google Earth Map Maker) - I wrote software in C++ to automate the plotting of hundreds of thousands of color coded reception data points based on transmitter loaction. The software was used to get a better understanding of wireless reception based on geography. It was instrumental in solving several open customer support tickets and greatly reduced the amount of time it took to visualize reception data.


  • Elementary Classical Physics I and II (3650:291, 292)
  • Digital Logic Design (4450:220)
  • Discrete Math (3450:208)
  • Computer Science I and II [Programming in C++] (3460:209, 210)
  • Circuits I and II (4400:330, 332)
  • Statics (4300:201)
  • Mechanics of Solids (4300:202)
  • Ordinary Differential Equations (3450:335)
  • Calculus II and III (3450:222, 223)
  • Electromagnetics I and II (4400:353,354)
  • Probability and Statistics (3470:401)
  • Computer Systems [MIPS] (4450:320)
  • Operating System Concepts (4450:325)
  • Embedded Systems Interfacing [Programmng in C] (4450:422)
  • Energy Conversion (4400:381)
  • Physical Electronics (4400:360)
  • Signals and Systems (4400:340)
  • Control Systems I (4400:371)
  • Intro to Communication Systems (4400:341)
  • Electronic Design (4400:361)
  • Object Oriented Programming [Programming in C#] (3460:421)
  • Digital Signal Processing (4450:440)
  • Computer Networks (4450:427)
  • VLSI Design (4450:367)

Engineering Labs

  • Digital Logic Design
    PLD programming using VHDL. Simulation and bench testing. Drawing digital logic schematics.
  • Circuits I and II
    Constructed RLC circuits and took measurments using oscilloscope and digital multimeters. Compared bench results with pSpice simulation and MatLab calculation.
  • Embedded Systems Interfacing
    Microcontroller programming (PIC24) using C. Used SPI, I2C, and UART to control 7-segment display. Used timers, buttons, potentiameters, and PWM. Looked at signals from microcontroller on an oscilloscope.
  • Controls I
    Reinforced controls concepts by using an analog computer and MatLab.
  • Electronic Design
    Designed and tested circuits to given specifications. Looked at characteristics of non-linear devices.
  • Electric Machines
    Exmined the concepts behind DC and syncronous machines. Conducted open and short circuit tests.

Arduino Quad-Copter

March 2014 - July 2014

I aimed to build a quad-copter with an Arduino controlled stabilization system. I bought a motor and frame kit, a gyro/accelerameter sensor, a GPS sensor, and an RC controller with reciever. I was sucessfully able to get the Arduino to read the sensor data, control the motors, and recieve a signal from the RC controller. I was unable to get the quad-copter to stablize. The project was done with no relation to school and without much controls experience. The project has been put on hold after a test went wrong and the quadcopter was damaged. I plan on continuing the project after completing controls classes.

Skills Developed:

  • Embedded Systems