Austin Tyler, EI

Electrical Engineer
Computer Engineer
Entertainment Specialist

Professional Experience

Ride Controls

As a ride control engineer at Walt Disney World I support hardware and software developement for amusement ride systems.

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Disney Professional Internships

As an intern with Facility and Operations Services I learned about project management, construction, and attraction safety.

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Aclara Technologies

At Aclara I was a part of the system performance team. I was responsible for sorting though data and doing analysis. I also solved customers' device and system problems and developed better tools for more efficient troubleshooting.

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Technical Director

I joined the Residence Hall Program Board at the University of Akron in 2012 as a volunteer stagehand for entertainment events. I became the lighting director the following year. In 2014, I was promoted to the paid Technical Director position. I led my team through many successful events and made several administrative changes with positive results.

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"Austin does a great job dealing with high pressure situations by maintaining a sense of calm and collectedness. He is extremely reliable and knows how to prepare for things in advance. Honestly, I could go on and on about how well Austin did this year in terms of his position, but I'll save you the time and energy by saying this: Austin is an excellent team member who has thrived this year."

Robbie Williford, RHPB Graduate Assistant

"He [Austin] has stepped up to take on any challenge that is presented to him. He has walked into this role not having a clue what it entailed as being a field rep and managing jobs. Austin has walked away with earning the respect from the whole Team as well as the client's for an outstanding job here at Animal Kingdom."

Tim Familo, Project Field Rep

"Austin was able to use his engineering knowledge and apply it directly to the tasks assigned. He also showed, on multiple occasions, a strong ability to quickly learn new skills and apply those news skills to actionable tasks which produce results. He is an independent thinker, not just looking to accomplish an assignment, but figuring out how to accomplish the assignment and make it more meaningful to the group."

Todd Aznavorian, Director of RF System Performance

Hobby Projects

iPhone Controlled Made with Magic Ears
iPhone Controlled Made with Magic Ears

A custom iPhone app to control Disney's Made with Magic Ears via Bluetooth Low Engery.

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Tyler Christmas Lights
Tyler Christmas Lights

Founded in 2005, Tyler Christmas Lights brings joy to the Massillon, OH community though a synchronized light show. The show has received critical acclaim winning the first annual "Light Up Perry" contest in 2014.

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Believe 2013
Perry High School
"Believe Concert"

Since 2011 I have been in charge of the lighting for the Perry High School Vocal Music Department's annual holiday concert opening number. Each year I work with a team of directors, set designers, and technicians to put together a dazzling spectacle of lights synchronized to a live pit orchestra.

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Alien Cat
Alien Cat

Alien Cat is an iOS touch arcade game. Players tap the screen to aim and shoot plasma balls at aliens who are invading the cat’s home planet. The app is available in the App Store.

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Austin Tyler

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